I mentioned back when I was getting ready for the How-To Festival a great database called NoveList. It’s the perfect way to find your next book to read, get a book that fits a homework assignment, or if you’re a teacher, plan your next assignment. It covers millions of books and helps you find books […]

Saturday, April 27 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. PLANT SALEChoose from a selection of organically grown plants from Know Your Roots. RECYCLE FAIR ELECTRONICS: Ecycle Solutions says “if it plugs in, we’ll recycle it.” This service is offered free with the exception of tube TVs and monitors ($20 each), CFL Bulbs ($0.50 each), tube […]

About a year ago, we started offering for checkout some items that a lot of folks are not used to seeing at the library. We call it the Toolbox, and it has tools, tech items, and other random gadgets. What kind of gadgets and whatnot? Well, you can see the entire list here, but just […]

The votes have been cast, passions have run high, and we finally come to the end of our first #LibraryMadness tournament with the people selecting Night by Elie Wiesel as the favorite book. For those of you who haven’t read it, Night is an extraordinarily powerful book about Wiesel’s family being taken to a concentration […]

I have to admit that #LibraryMadness has turned out to be even more fun than I anticipated. People have been extremely passionate about their favorite books, and even here heading into the final round, I still have people stopping in for copies of the original bracket to use as reading list. It’s given me a […]

We started #LibraryMadness with 16 books in each of 4 Divisions, and today, we have our Division winners. In spite of having the most nominations of any book, The Great Gatsby was defeated by To Kill a Mockingbird for your favorite Classic. It now has to face off against the Kids/YA winner, Harry Potter and […]

Round 3 voting for #LibraryMadness was a pretty darn spirited event, with lots of people excited to see their favorites still in there, and others grumbling just a little (or a lot) as beloved books went back to the metaphorical shelf. But as I’m sitting here looking at Round 4, all I can think is…good […]

In the second round of Library Madness, I heard a lot of people say this was starting to get hard. Well, if they thought Round 2 was hard, welcome to the Sweet 16. The top two vote getters in the second round were The Great Gatsby and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and while […]

The voting in the first round of Library Madness was fantastic! There was a lot of passionate support for some really great books, and I just loved how excited some people got when they saw the idea. If you’re curious, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was the top vote getter in the first round, […]

Over 500 books received nominations, but only 64 books could make it into the Library Madness tournament, which starts Friday, March 1 at Noon. As a reminder, there are four Divisions: Fiction, Nonfiction, Classics, and Young Adult/Children’s. Each round you have 5 days to vote for each matchup before the winners advance to the next […]