If you’re wondering about what books are new at the library, we have a great page on our website to keep you up to date. At the top of our home page, there are several tabs to select from in the green bar. One of these is MATERIALS. If you select that, you can then pick Readers Resources. Once you’ve clicked on Readers Resources you can chose from any one of the lists to see what has been added to the collection in the last month or two.

The lists at the top are maintained by the library, and everything on them is something we own. You can also sign up to receive these lists by email.

The other lists at the bottom are provided to us, so not everything on them will be available. But if we don’t have it and you want it, we can do our best to get it. Just click on: looking for a book? if we don’t have it, we’ll buy it! in the green box on the right.

And now you will always be on top of what’s new at the library.


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