North Canton Public Library Code of Conduct

Policy: Conduct that interferes with Library operations or is disruptive or offensive to patrons or Library employees will not be tolerated. Theft or malicious defacing of Library property will be grounds for arrest and/or dismissal. Misuse of Library property by employees will be grounds for disciplinary action.

Regulations: Library patrons and employees are expected to abide by all Library policies and regulations, and to obey all federal, state, and local laws while on Library property or while attending off-site Library programs or events. Parents of minor children are responsible for their child’s behavior while on Library property.

Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

1) Physical, sexual, or verbal harassment or bullying of an individual, either patron or staff member. This includes harassment through the Internet or other computer resources, initiating unwanted conversations, and impeding entering/exiting the building.

2) Commission of an illegal or unauthorized act on library property against the patrons, personnel, or property of the library (i.e., theft, trespass, assault, arson).

3) Engaging in sexual conduct, which is considered a violation of Chapter 2907 of the Ohio Revised Code, or indecent exposure.

4) Possessing firearms or weapons of any kind in the Library, either concealed or in plain view, unless the person in possession of the weapon is a law enforcement officer.  Examples include but are not limited to knives, toy guns, replica or imitation guns, or other items that could be reasonably mistaken for a weapon.

5) Fighting, challenging someone to a fight, assault, physical threats, or abuse towards patrons or Library staff members.

6) Any activity or substance posing a health hazard to patrons and employees.

7) Destroying, mutilating, or damaging any Library property or the property of Library patrons or staff members.

8) Using abusive, obscene, or profane language or images, either on Library premises, at off-site Library events, or when contacting the Library through phone, email, or social media.

9) Making comments or using epithets based on a person’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other characteristic that is protected under applicable laws.

10) Being under the influence, possessing alcohol or illegal drugs, or selling drugs or alcohol.

11) Photographing or making an audio or video recording that invades the privacy of Library patrons or rises to the level of harassment or interferes with Library operations.

12) Unreasonable, intentional noise which affects the ability to function of those individuals working in the area.

13) Deliberate violation of the Library’s Acceptable Internet Use Policy.

14) Smoking or vaping.

15) Loitering.

16) Sleeping.

17) Using Library restrooms or other Library facilities for bathing or washing clothing or other personal items.

18) Running or engaging in horseplay in the Library building.

19) Congregating in or around entrances or stairways, inside or out.

20) Use of audio devices without headphones.

21) Bringing animals into a Library facility, except for animals brought in for Library programs and service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and applicable Ohio laws.

22) Food is permitted in the building; however, restrictions may be necessary for everyone to enjoy their time at the Library. Please remember to discard or recycle cans, bottles, and wrappers before you leave, and tidy up your area so the next patron to visit will find a clean space. Non-alcoholic beverages, in a covered and spill-resistant container, may be consumed away from computers and other electronic equipment.

The conduct listed above is not a complete list of all violations; they are merely intended to provide guidance. The Director and other Library staff are authorized to determine what constitutes inappropriate, disruptive behavior.

Patrons ordinarily will be warned once and asked to leave the premises if unacceptable conduct continues. The Library reserves the right to remove a patron from the premises without prior notice or warning if the Library reasonably believes the patron’s presence or conduct is threatening, willfully malicious, or poses an immediate and imminent danger to any person or property.

Suspension of Library privileges may occur if a patron is found to have engaged in unacceptable behavior on Library property. Following review of the circumstances of the violation, the Library’s Director or designee will issue a written notice to the patron informing the patron of the duration of any suspension, restriction, and/or eviction that is imposed.  The determination relating to suspension, restriction, and/or eviction will depend on the nature of the offense, the extent of damage or disruption caused, any history of prior infractions of the Library’s Code of Conduct, and other relevant circumstances.

Patrons may be prosecuted under Title 29 of the Ohio Revised Code for criminal acts against other patrons, Library personnel, or property.

Employees are expected to enforce Library policies and regulations and to report any unethical, suspicious, or illegal conduct by fellow employees, patrons, or vendors to the Director.

Employees who violate Library behavior policies are subject to disciplinary action.

Any person whose Library privileges are suspended or restricted or who is evicted from Library premises has the right to appeal by requesting a hearing before the Library’s Executive Director or designee, provided such hearing is requested by written notice addressed to Executive Director, North Canton Public Library, 185 North Main Street, North Canton, OH  44720, mailed no later than ten calendar days after the date on which the Library’s notification of suspension, restriction and/or eviction was mailed to such person.   Any person requesting a hearing shall have the right to appear in person and to be represented by counsel if they choose.