The final votes have been tallied, and I have to say #LibraryMadness has been a great isolation activity. We received more votes in the final round this year than we did last year when the library building was open, and I just think that’s the best! (And it puts the lie to folks who are […]

Let me start by saying that I could not be happier with the really wonderful amount of participation we had in our first ever entirely online round of #LibraryMadness. We had nearly as many votes as we typically have when the library is open, and the fact people are still passionately engaging with the library […]

Just because the library building is closed, that doesn’t mean NCPL staff isn’t still hard at work. Just this past Friday, I bought 65 new ebooks and e-audiobooks for the Ohio Digital Library (which you might use on the Libby or OverDrive app). And as long as the library is closed and you can’t pick […]

The library has been closed since Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean #LibraryMadness can’t continue! We received a few in person votes, but for the most part folks got us their votes online, which I think we should keep doing for the final two rounds. So let’s do this thing, shall we? The classic Disney cartoon, […]

Round 3 voting for #LibraryMadness wrapped up at midnight, and WOW, there were some close calls, and by close, I mean there were two ties. Thanks to its higher ranking, Casablanca will be moving on to face upset winner, Snow White, which took down Gone with the Wind. And The Sound of Music had its […]

We’re down to 16 movies in #LibraryMadness, and there were some interesting matchups in Round 2, and I think we’re going to have some fun in Round 3. Here’s what’s happening. We had our first tie in Round 2. My tiebreaker has always been to give the win to the higher ranked movie under the […]

Round 1 of #LibraryMadness wrapped up at Midnight, and I’m not going to lie—some of the results are pretty surprising. Possibly the most unexpected outcome is the elimination of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which was taken down by a single vote by the Emily Blunt horror film, A Quiet Place. Two of the […]

Over 700 movies received nominations, but only 64 films could make it into the 2nd Annual #LibraryMadness tournament, which starts Sunday, March 1 at Noon. As a reminder, there are four Divisions: Oz, Casablanca, Gotham, and Hollywood. Each round you have 5 days to vote for each matchup before the winners advance to the next […]

OK. I just saw a stat that blew my mind a little. For the first time ever in 2017, over a million self-published books came out. That’s awfully impressive, but that’s not actually the stat that blew my mind. No, the one that caught my attention was that the number of self-published books grew by […]

Hey high school teens—want to run around the library after hours? Well, this Friday is your chance! We’re hosting Nerf Night, 6-7:30 p.m., and it’s your challenge to capture the flag, be the last man standing, and more! We’ll provide identical Nerf guns for some games, but for others, you’re invited to bring your own […]