81st Annual May Show
People’s Choice Award Winner

Artist: Tod Bergert
Title: Lotta
Media: Oil


May Show Jurors, Dennis and Rose Kleidon, selected 34 works of art by 30 Stark County artists to be displayed.

Subconscious Communication
Featuring Artist: Christopher Duncan
On Display: July 11 through August 31
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 11 from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Meet the artist and enjoy light refreshments. Reception hosted by the Friends of the Little Art Gallery (FLAG).

Christopher Duncan is an award-winning visual artist from Beloit Ohio. His large-scale abstract paintings allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the artwork.

Artist: Christopher Duncan, Title: Metamorphosis,
Media: Acrylic on Canvas 42″H x 54″W

Artist: Christopher Duncan, Title: Unmasked,
Media: Acrylic on Canvas 42”H x 54”W

About the Artist (in his own words)
I’ve been highly imaginative and creative from my childhood to the present. I express myself through painting, pen and ink, drawing, music (performing and recording), woodworking, photography and more. My decades as an artist, musician, craftsman and tradesman are a reflection of that creativity. I use many forms to express myself, but it is all the same creative energy.

My artistic aesthetic has been realized, honed and refined through a lifetime of keen observation, study, introspection, contemplation, and real-world, hands-on experience. The works I produce are a marriage of my physical being, my soul, my spirit and the materials at my disposal in the physical world.

All these elements have forged a depth of maturity in me and in my work. I’ve come to terms with my gifting, accepted it, and fully embrace it. I don’t say this out of ego, vain conceit or vanity. Simply put, it is an inescapable part of me – as natural, as essential, as necessary to me as breathing. Like everyone, I have struggles. But I find meaning and purpose in every aspect of creating. One footstep followed by the next . . . it is a continuum – a work in the hands of one greater than me, who will present me a finished masterwork in due course.

Artist Statement about Paintings
An exceptional work of art should stand on its own. It should have its own voice and possess its own intrinsic presence. It should take on a life of its own. There should be an intimate and visceral connection between the work and the viewer, both on the conscious and subconscious levels. An exceptional work of art shouldn’t require a pitch to sell the “concept”, it should speak for itself.

My purpose in creating is to ignite the imagination and initiate the thought process of the viewer – to awaken them to an internal awareness of what was perhaps there all along. It is a direct communication between the viewer’s and my subconscious minds. This is not a static exercise. It requires the active engagement of the viewer’s own imagination. There are many of my works – even though they were created by my own hand – where I discover new imagery and meaning each time I engage with them.

For more information about the artist visit: studioduncan.com