Public Computers and WiFi are available for public use inside the North Canton Public Library. Reservations can be made to use the next available computer by phone or in person.  There is a limit of two logins per day per patron. A library card or a single use guest pass is required to use the 6o minute public computers. Two 20 minute express computers are available for patron use without a login.

These applications are installed on most of the public computers: Windows 7, Office 2013 and Web Browsers; Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome, with plug-ins such as Adobe Reader, Apple iTunes, Apple QuickTime. This is not an exclusive list.

Please note: patrons must bring their own headphones or ear buds to listen to audio files.


Searching the catalog when on-site: Patrons visiting the library should use the catalog computers located throughout the first and second floor of the library to search our full catalog. These stations may be used without a library card and do not have internet access.


Printing: Patrons can make black and white prints for $0.20 per page.