There are four activities that are part of the Adult Summer Reading Explore Diversity, Equality and Inclusion badge. I’ve already talked about reading a book in translation and AtoZ World Culture. Two other ways to complete activities for this badge are attending a book club on Zoom (Readable History is the second Tuesday of the month, and Classic Lit is the third Wednesday) , or by watching a foreign film or TV show.

Below is a list of just some of the foreign films and TV shows the library owns on DVD. You don’t have to pick something from this list to complete the activity—it’s just a place to start if you need some help picking something. You might also want to check out our streaming video services, Kanopy and Hoopla, both of which have foreign films and TV shows. (In fact, Kanopy rather specializes in that sort of thing.)

So kick back, and enjoy watching something maybe a little different.


Note—Movies and TV shows made outside the US are not always given ratings in the US system, such as PG, PG-13, and R. Some of the DVDs listed here do contain adult content. If you’re wondering about the content of something on this list, looking at the Parents Guide found on each movie or show’s IMDB page is a good place to check.

After the Wedding


Babette’s Feast

Babylon Berlin

Das Boot


The Bridge

Curse of the Golden Flower

Detective Montalbano

La Dolce Vita

Don Matteo


The Farewell

A French Village

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Joyeux Noel

Life Is Beautiful

Like Water for Chocolate

The Lives of Others

A Man Called Ove

Pan’s Labyrinth




A Royal Affair

A Separation


War and Peace

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