Last week, I talked about two of the new databases we’ve recently added—AtoZ Food America and AtoZ World Food. Well, there’s one more new database I want to tell you about—AtoZ World Culture. Like the food databases, using this database is another Activity for Adult Summer Reading, so I wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to check it out!

To get to AtoZ World Culture, you’re going to want to head over to our Databases page. If you’re logging on from outside the library, you will need to have your library card number. Once you’re in, you can either select a country from the Map or the List, or you can use the search in the top right to find something by keyword.

The country records start with a Cultural Overview, but the menu down the left side has a multitude of options so you can pick and choose which sections you want to read. The local time and weather are always in the top right for the capital city. (The Food and Recipes options will look familiar to folks who have use AtoZ World Food.)

This database is great for students who need to find country information for various assignments, but it’s also great for teachers. The final option on the menu is Lesson Plans. These Lesson Plans cover a variety of disciplines and are suitable for grades 7-12. So, geography, language, and history teachers (as well as all you new homeschool parents!) might want to poke around a bit to see if this database can help you out with your curriculum. All of the lessons are designed with popular standards, such as Common Core, in mind.

And that’s AtoZ World Culture. If you want to dive in a little more or need some help navigating, I’ve made a handout.


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