We’re just finishing up our third week of summer reading, and even though we haven’t seen you in person, we are seeing your participation in our summer reading program! But you know what? We think it would be awesome if even more of you were participating and logging the hours you spend reading. Let me explain.

So, as the Adult programmer, I realize that the way we’re doing things this year is a lot different from how we’ve done them in the past. Instead of tracking books, we have asked adults to track their minutes read. I’ll admit that I was hesitant, too, but then we decide that we would have a community reading goal of 500,000 minutes read by everyone, no matter of age.

Then we decided to tie the goal to charitable contributions to the North Canton Cares Pantry and the Stark County Pet Food Pantry, and I thought that was even better. I mean, if as a community we reach 500,000 minutes read by the end of July, our Friends of the Library will give each charity $1,000, and that is so exciting. To make it even cooler, the North Canton Rotary has just offered an additional $500 to each charity if the community reads an additional 50,000 minutes and makes it to 550,000!

But it’s not just the community that can benefit. We chose to skip the prize baskets for adults in favor of gift cards so that we could mail the prize to winner, even if we aren’t open normal hours. When you sign up for summer reading online, you get chances for winning one of 6 gift cards for completing activities and logging the minutes you spend reading. What are the gift cards? Well, the title of the post isn’t a lie. TDs Tailgate and Fishers Foods are two possibilities, and you could, in fact, get yourself a chicken dinner at either spot.

Adults also have the chance to win a gift card to Best Buy where you could buy a stove in which to make a chicken dinner. Or perhaps you might win the Books-A-Million gift card, where you could buy a cookbook about chicken dinners. And did you know Sol Pie Pizza, another gift card prize, offers chicken breast as a topping on their pizzas? And if memory serves, the Barrel Room’s light snack menu includes a chicken dish, so, yep, whatever gift card you might win can lead to chicken dinner.

So what are you waiting for? Start tracking your minutes read now!


2 responses to “Winner, Winner, You Could Literally Get a Chicken Dinner”

  1. Jeannine Weimer says:

    It has been fun and motivating to have a reading goal to reach. Great Idea !

    • Shelia says:

      Glad to hear you like the new set up! We thought folks would enjoy working together as a community to help the community. 🙂

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