New!  The Great Courses Library Collection, explore video courses presented by experts on a variety of subjects.

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Video classes for your creative side.

Tutorials for painting, knitting, crafting, sewing and more!


Courses for all levels cover technical skills, creative techniques, business strategies and more. You set the pace. Learn what you want, when you want, and practice with the instructor’s files while you watch and listen. Lynda for Libraries allows you to watch videos in small, easy-to-manage chunks, and to return to the lessons at your convenience.

Course offerings include:

Art, graphic design, and music classes, teaching everything from 3D animation to engineering sound to the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, and more)

Help with computer programs, including videos on how to use Microsoft Office

Courses that can help you in your career—everything from public speaking to marketing to dealing with workplace issues

Computer programming, IT management (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X), and web design

Photography and video… just to name a few.


Gale Courses offers patrons access to hundreds of instructor-led online courses covering everything from health and wellness to creative writing, computer programming, GED test preparation and much more. Gale Courses are developed by expert instructors, many of whom are currently working at universities around the country, and have continuous enrollment dates.

Patrons can enroll at no cost. Courses run for six weeks, with two new lessons released weekly (for a total of 12), and new sessions beginning every month. The courses are entirely web-based with comprehensive lessons, quizzes, and assignments. A dedicated professional instructor coordinates every course by pacing learners, answering questions, giving feedback, and facilitating discussions.