The Tutor.com Adult Education Center
Are you returning to school, working towards your GED, or refreshing your skills for work? Get anonymous, private, online tutoring for any kind of academic question in math, science, English, social studies, and writing anywhere you have an internet connection with Tutor.com.

The Tutor.com Career Center
Out of work? Looking for a career change? Need to dust off your resume? You don’t have to face it alone. The Library can help you reach your goals with the Tutor.com Career Center—absolutely FREE to you. Get anonymous, private, online career coaching and job search assistance. All you need is your library card and an Internet connection!

-Tutor.com Career Coaching: Work one-to-one with professional career coaches in a private, supportive environment for help with job searching, resume writing, interview preparation, and more.

-Tutor.com Drop-Off Resume Reviews: Drop off your cover letter or resume any time, 24/7 for an overnight review. Career tutors will write up a summary of feedback and leave comments on your document. You’ll receive the tutor’s review in your own secure online drop box.

-Tutor.com SkillsCenter™ Resource Library: Access helpful resources for your job search, including resume and cover letter templates and samples.

Linkedin Learning (formerly known as lynda.com)

Linkedin Learning offers courses for all levels covering technical skills, creative techniques, business strategies, and more. You set the pace. Learn what you want, when you want, and practice with the instructor’s files while you watch and listen. Linkedin Learning allows you to watch videos in small, easy-to-manage chunks, and to return to the lessons at your convenience.

Course offerings include art, graphic design, and music classes, teaching everything from 3D animation to engineering sound to the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, and more). Get help with computer programs, including videos on how to use Microsoft Office. Find courses that can help you in your career—everything from public speaking to marketing to dealing with workplace issues. Learn computer programming, IT management (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X), and web design photography and video… just to name a few.