Are you hoping to read more this year? It’s a noble goal, and a lot of people try to tackle it in different ways. Here at the library, we think it’s great for you to read more however it is that you make that happen. To that end, we would like to offer some help, and you can find that help at the Patron Services and Reference desks.

You see, our very own Elizabeth in Adult and Teen Services put together this fun bookmark to help you not just read more, but expand your horizons. The idea is to read a book from each category and check it off when you complete it. You don’t have to read the books in order, and you could probably use one book to check off more than one category. Heck, I suppose you don’t have read something from every heading, even if it would be kind of cool to do so. Point is, you can use the bookmark however you want. After all, we aren’t handing out prizes for completing the bookmark, since we like to think that reading is its own reward, so you’re welcome for that.

Anyhow, enjoy your reading, and feel free to swing by the Reference desk to show off your bookmark!


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