Something we have been wanting to offer for quite a while is 24-hour pick up in secure lockers outside our building. I can’t even begin to remember all the conversations the staff have had at this point that opened with, “Once we have pickup lockers….” And now, at long last, it is a reality! So how do you let us know that you want to get your holds in a locker as opposed to coming inside the library? Let me show you!

If you’ve ever placed your own hold before using our online catalog, these first two steps are going to look exactly the same as ever. First you search for the item you want, and then when you find it, click on PLACE REQUEST.

Then you enter your Barcode and PIN.

Here’s where the magic now happens. Before, you would just click Submit Request and be done. But now if you want to use a locker, you click the arrow to get a dropdown menu where you select Pickup Locker.

And finally, you click Submit Request, and you’re done! Once you get notified that your item is ready to pick up, stop by the library anytime, and we really mean anytime, 24 hours a day, and get your item from the locker. You have 48 hours to get your item from the locker. There are directions at the lockers for how you get your items out, but if you’re wondering just how it works, a few of our lovely staff members have made a video showing just how easy it is. Keep an eye out for that soon!


PS And of course, we are always happy to place items on hold for you. If you want to pick up your holds at the locker, just be sure to let us know when we are placing your holds!

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