Hello everyone!

I’m going to give you all some info on card holder privileges and a few interesting little known details!

Card Holder Information:

To get a card with us, you will need a photo ID with your current address on the ID. If your photo ID doesn’t have your current address, you will need to provide a piece of mail, a bill, check book, etc. that has your name and current address on it. If you’re getting a card for your child, you must be the legal guardian and they must be present with you at the time of obtaining the card.

You may also register ahead of time on our website and bring your photo ID and proof of current address straight to the desk to get your card. Once you’ve registered either online or in person, you will be all set to start checking out items that day!

Keep in mind that we can only check out items to you if you provide us your library card to scan, OR have your license with your photo and name on it. We cannot look you up by phone number, a check out receipt, word of mouth or any other form.

We cannot give you access to another person’s account unless they have put YOUR name on their account. This can only be done by the cardholder in person, not over the phone. You must then have your license with your photo and name or have their card with you to check out, pick up/place holds or pay balances on this account. The only exception to this rule is if you are the parent of someone under 18 years old, since you are responsible for their card and all notices/fines/check-outs that occur until they are legally an adult. We can look up your child’s card with your license if you don’t have their card with you. We keep accounts private for your benefit!

Fun Stuff To Know:

Have you ever been reading a series, took a break and forgot which book you last read? Well we have a way to avoid this problem! Come to the front desk and give us your card (or show your photo ID), and we’ll set your account to keep a Reading History. This will keep track of anything you check out on your card from the day you opt to have a history for a whole year. You can even access this list online by logging into your account on our website.

Calling all Golden Buckeye card holders! Did you know that if you provide us with proof of owning a Golden Buckeye card, that we can set your account to Golden Buckeye status? This status keeps you from getting fines on overdue items! We still ask that you return items on time and be considerate of other people placing holds on items you may have checked out, and you will be charged a replacement cost of an item if it is six weeks overdue. You will either have to return the item, or pay for it if you have lost it. If you don’t have a Golden Buckeye card, but would like to apply for one, you must be over the age of 60 or an Ohio resident age 18-59 with a social security administration defined disability. We keep applications at the front desk. You will need an Ohio license/state issued ID or birth certificate. If you’re under 60 years old and applying under disability you will need the Ohio license along with either a Medicare (not Medicaid) card, State certification, SSDI/SSI program acceptance letter, or an Ohio/Federal disability retirement. You will then have to either fax or mail it in yourself. We have a fax machine you may use for free!


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