Post by: Teresa Kaminski of StarkFresh
Find Teresa teaching How-to Compost at 10 a.m. and How-to Keep Backyard Chickens at 11:30 a.m. at the How-to Festival.

I am an urban homesteader that began my homesteading journey five years ago when my son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at the age of 12.  It has been an enlightening journey as I have performed an environmental and dietary detox for my family.  This has proven to be quite a taxing endeavor.  I have six spoiled chickens that free range in our half acre backyard, along with a beehive that produces the most delicious honey.  I grow our own vegetables in our organic garden and learned how to can everything that we cannot consume quickly.  I have been an avid composter for over 20 years and completed my composter certification through OARDC in Wooster.  While I have learned so much about homesteading over the past five years, I am still learning more every day.  I am looking forward to sharing the information I have received to help you along your homesteading journey at the How-To Festival.

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