A good book can be as important as a good friend.

Since 1992, the Friends of the North Canton Public Library volunteers having been servicing our community with Homebound Service. The volunteers deliver library materials that are carefully selected to reflect your interests.  Trained volunteers are assigned to each patron for pickup and delivery services to your home or residential living institution. The delivery service allows patrons to have materials selected and delivered by library volunteers on a monthly basis.

Frequently asked questions

Who Qualifies?
If you find it too difficult to travel to the library because of chronic illness or disability and live in the North Canton School District, including the Greentown area, you can sign up for this free personalized service.

Does this service cost anything?

How often are materials delivered?
Every 30 days

What type of materials can be delivered?
Large Print and Regular Print books, audiobooks, movies, and music CDs

Who to Contact?
Gerry Chufar 330.499.7282