Have you even been on our website and noticed that last tab on the right? You know, the one that says Learning and Research? Can you guess what’s under there? Here’s a hint—it’s where we keep some of the coolest stuff.

Online Classes for Adults
Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t wanna take a class!” but trust me when I say these are not your typical classes. See, for one thing, we’ve got The Great Courses, and they are what you always wished school could be like—amazing teachers only talking about stuff you’re genuinely interested in, and you can pause them to go to the bathroom. To access TGC from here, you also need an RBDigital account. Just follow these instructions if you need some help.

But in addition to TGC, there’s also Creativebug if you’re looking for crafting classes, Lynda.com if you want to learn various tech and job skills, and The Gale Courses if you want to sign up for a genuine online class with assignments and a real life instructor.

Online Learning for Children
If you have kids at home, the options here might be a real lifesaver as you try to make sure your children are keeping up on their education. We’ve actually already posted about these cool resources, and you should check out that detailed list here.

Speaking of cool stuff we’ve mentioned before, I wrote all about our Databases here. So go take a look at that, because, psst, they’re more awesome than you think!

Educator Resources
When the time comes and schools reopen, our Educator Resource page has everything teachers need to know about how we can help them. Did you know that if you’re a teacher you can get a special card with longer loan periods to check out items for your classroom? The great folks in our Children’s department can also put together book collections on a specific topic and hook you up with everything you need to do story times as part of class. And that’s just the beginning.

Art Classes
When we’re back open for business, our art classes for all ages will get going again as soon as we can organize them. Because it’s so uncertain when any of this will happen, we suggest you sign up to receive emails about art classes. As soon as we know when we can start offering classes again, you will be the first to know! Just scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your email to join the list.

And that’s what’s hiding under that last tab on our website. Who knew?


Vist the Learning and Research tab and check off that square on our community engagement “bingo” board.

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