The past two years, one of my very favorite events has been #LibraryMadness. Much like the college basketball tournament, we start the month of March with a bracket of 64 (yes, I know the NCAA has expanded, but stick with me), and matchup by matchup, we keep going until there is only one winner still standing. And all of you get to decide who that winner will be.

The first year, we divided up books between Fiction, Nonfiction, Classics, and Children’s to pick the best book ever written. Every 5 days, all of you voted on new matchups, until our bracket had one title left—Elie Wiesel’s Night.

Then last year, we picked the best movie ever. Even with the library closing on March 17, the votes kept rolling in online. When the dust settled, your favorite movie of all time turned out to be The Wizard of Oz.

This year, we want to know what you think is the best TV show ever. On Monday, February 1, you get to start nominating up to 64 of your favorite TV shows. You can either come into the Library and get a paper nomination sheet to fill out, or you can tag the Library on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@NCantonLibrary) and use the hashtag #LibraryMadness. You can even feel free to leave your votes and nominations on the comments of this blog. Heck, send them by carrier pigeon—we’re happy to take your votes however you want to get them to us! Nominations end on February 21.

That gives me a few days to set the bracket, so that on Monday, March 1, the tournament with 64 of the greatest TV shows ever can go live! We will again have sheets here at the library you can fill out, but I’ll also be posting the matchups on the Library’s blog and social media, and you can vote there.

Oh, and you are going to want to vote every round. At the end of March, not only will we declare the best TV show ever, but one lucky participant is going to win a collection of gift cards to help with their TV addiction.


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