IMPORTANT: We do not currently have COVID tests in stock, and are unsure whether or not we will be receiving any additional kits in the future.

Please call the library before coming to pick up any tests.  We will arrange a time and place for you to pick them up.

Patrons may place locker requests when tests are available through our catalog. Tests will be held in the locker 24 hours. Others will be held for one hour from the pick-up time scheduled. All availability will be first come, first served. In order to help as many families as possible, we are allowing three tests per household.

COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit FAQs

How much will this test cost me?
The tests and the verification of the results are free.

Did the Library pay for these tests?
No. These tests have been provided at no cost to public libraries from the Ohio Department of Health.

How accurate are these tests?
The BinaxNOW Home Test has been approved for at-home testing by the FDA and is recommended for this use by the Ohio Department of Health.

How many tests can I pick up at a time?
You may pick up three tests at a time, while supplies last.

Why did you give me an expired test?
This is confusing and we’re so sorry, but the expiration date on the tests is incorrect. The Ohio Department of Health has extended the test expiration dates by three months. If you received a test with an expiration date that has already passed, please rest assured that we’ve verified that the test we gave you is NOT, in fact, expired.

May I pick up a test for a friend or family member?

Do I have to provide a reason why I need the test?

Do I need to sign anything, or provide my name?

What equipment do I need at home to take the test?
You will need: a mobile device, such as a smart phone; a separate laptop or desktop computer with a microphone, speakers, and front-facing camera or webcam; an email address; and an internet connection.

What if I do not have internet at home, or the necessary equipment?
If you do not have access to the internet at home, please ask someone at our Patron Services Desk for assistance in checking out a mobile hot spot that will provide free Internet access to you so that you can complete the test.

If you do not have the necessary equipment to take the test at home, we recommend that, instead of taking an at-home test kit from the Library, you seek assistance from a local pharmacy, like CVS or Rite Aid, where staff there can test you with their equipment and supplies at no cost.

How do I take the test?
A comprehensive, step-by-step guide can be found here.

Can I complete the test inside the Library?
No. Tests may not be conducted inside of the Library.

What if I have questions about my results?
Please contact the Stark County Health Department at 330.493.9904.

It is important to note that the Library is distributing the tests, but — as always — cannot provide health guidance.