This month, the library has added another streaming video service called Kanopy. It’s been popular with college libraries for awhile, with their specialization in documentaries and independent movies, but there’s plenty for any movie fan, as well as kids. Kanopy has more than 30,000 videos, and with your library card, you can stream up to […]

One of the most popular features here at the library are our free travel guides, which are now officially out for you to pick up. So, what do we have? Well, cities and parks across Ohio send us their visitors’ guides, so we have the info you need to, say, take a daytrip to Hudson […]

There’s a joke I’ve seen on the internet about how you have your Word document almost perfect, and you add an image, and it’s nearly right, and then…boom! Everything moves, your entire document is now in the wrong order, and you’re left pulling your hair and possibly starting over from scratch. It’s a joke I […]

Did you know there are multiple gaming programs happening at the library? On the third Thursday of every month, Teen Gamer’s Club meets at 3:30 pm. (That would be this Thursday, by the way.) The Wii is always set up, as well as the PlayStation 4, and with the library’s selection of videogames that are […]

If you’re wondering about what books are new at the library, we have a great page on our website to keep you up to date. At the top of our home page, there are several tabs to select from in the green bar. One of these is MATERIALS. If you select that, you can then […]

Acorn TV is the Library’s latest streaming video service, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves British TV. To use the service, you have to set up an account with RBdigital, the company that provides Acorn, as well as Acorn TV itself. Technically, what you get when you sign up is a 7-day pass to […]

Tomorrow is our big Beatles event here at the library, and if you’re looking to get in the mood, may I suggest Hoopla? I spoke about Hoopla at the How-To Festival, and I’m planning to do a longer presentation on this great service over the summer. But for now, let me offer a quick primer […]

We have a great program coming up next week—The Beatles In Cleveland. Presented by Dave Schwensen, author of The Beatles In Cleveland, you can come hear all about The Beatles’ performances at Cleveland Public Hall in 1964 and Municipal Stadium in 1966. The program starts at 6 p.m., but feel free to sneak in early to […]

February and March might be the most challenging months to work in a public library. People come here desperate for us to have precisely what they are looking for in larger numbers than at any other time during the year. And these people don’t always know what it is they are looking for, but they […]

Coming up the first Saturday in March is the library’s annual How-to Festival where you can learn how to do all manner of things from applying eyeliner to bullet journaling. I’m going to be teaching three, half hour sessions, and here’s a preview of what I’ll be doing and the handout in case you can’t […]