Attention all teen writers, or teens who want to give writing a try. I’ve thrown together a to-go kit with handouts to help you get started with creative writing, whether you want to write a novel, short stories, or poetry. And just in case you’ve ever been interested in National Novel Writing Month, which happens every November, I’ve included information about that as well. (I’ve done NaNoWriMo 8 times, and personally, I believe in spending October getting ready!)

But I don’t just write novels in November. In fact, I spend most of my free time writing novels and some short stories, and a lot of what I’ve included in here are the things I find most useful. Honestly, it’s a lot of stuff I wish I’d had the first time I sat down to write. So much of my early creative writing experience came through trial and error, and while learning from doing can be really helpful, so can having someone who has done it before making suggestions for what might make it work better. At least, that’s the hope!

So, starting next week, October 12-17, stop in at the Reference Desk any time we’re open and pick up your creative writing kit. If you can’t make it in, keep an eye on our social media next week for a link to an electronic version of the kit.


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