Hey folks. We’ve reopened with limited hours and services, and we are ready to help you as much as we can while maintaining our social distance. We’re cleaning everything pretty much all the time, and even covering our computer keyboards with press ‘n seal that can be thrown away after each use. We’ve also added to our collection a PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer. You can check this little device out for use in the building, and in just 10 minutes, your cell phone is sanitized! (Ask at the front desk.)

A big project we just completed was the application of MicroShield 360. “What on earth is that?” you ask. Well, our Director, Andrea Legg, explains how this works.

We know the last few months have been stressful for our customers due to health concerns related to the COVID-19 health crisis. The North Canton Public Library is dedicated to bringing you the healthiest and safest environment we possibly can. On Friday, July 17, we hired MicroShield 360 to complete an antimicrobial treatment of our entire building and high-touch surfaces, both inside and outside.

The MicroShield 360 Service imparts a two-step process: (1) Application of MicroShield 360 Renew which kills Human Coronavirus and is on the EPA approved N List for Emerging Pathogens and (2) Application of MicroShield 360 Antimicrobial Coating which imparts durable biostatic activity of a wide variety of substrates.

MicroShield 360 antimicrobial coating is constantly self-disinfecting the North Canton Public Library and working 24/7 to reduce our customer’s exposure to microbes, bacteria, mold and odors. The coating system is EPA registered and FDA approved for food contact surfaces, colorless and odorless. Visit www.microshield360.com for further information.

And those are just a few of the steps we’re taking to make the library a cleaner, safer place. Because we’re so happy to finally be able to welcome you back!


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