Yesterday I was chatting with my coworker Elizabeth about audiobooks. We’re both always on hold for audiobooks through the Ohio Digital Library, but sometimes we have a gap while we’re waiting. I mean, it never seems to fail that the audiobook I’m most excited for on my hold list says it will be available soon (which usually means less than two weeks), but I don’t want to go possibly 13 days with nothing to listen to, but I want to start this book on hold the second it’s available, so I don’t want to be in the middle of something else, and AAAHHHH!!!

While no system is entirely foolproof, the Ohio Digital Library is here to help you out. If you use their website, you can see a list of short audiobooks. (This following list isn’t an option in the Libby App, but anything you check out on the website can be downloaded to the app.) After signing in with you Library Card number and PIN, select Collections and then Quick listens.

Everything on the following list is under 6 hours, and if you’re like me and want something right this second, limit the results to Available now over on the left side so you can start listening to a new book immediately.

And this way, even if you are in the middle of an audiobook when the next one arrives, you don’t have that much to finish!


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    THIS IS AMAZING! I’m glad my coworker knows everything!

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