Hello everybody!

A few small, but very awesome, additions are making their way onto our library shelves and floor.

Our Patron Services manager ordered a funky green cart to keep near the entrance with special selections to catch your eye! Right now we have brand new books on the cart featuring items like colorful Japanese cookbooks, suspense-filled mystery novels and whimsical artist’s handbooks. The theme on the cart may change periodically, so be sure to stop and look on your way in. You can’t miss it!

The other little adornment we’re adding soon are Shelf Talkers. These will be short and sweet descriptions of a book clipped to the shelves and often followed by a recommendation of what to read next if you enjoyed that particular selection.

Many of us are thrilled about getting to share some of our favorite reads with you and providing a more personal touch to your experience here at the North Canton Public Library!

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