I’ll just go ahead and confess this right up front—Henry V is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. It has incredible, rousing speeches (Once more unto the breach and Saint Crispin’s Day and all that), as well as one of the most famous nights before a battle ever committed to paper. And then there’s the Kenneth Branagh film version, which is one of my favorite Shakespeare movie adaptations ever. When it came time to pick a movie to watch and discuss during Shakespeare Week, imagine my excitement when I discovered that the library’s streaming service, Hoopla Digital, has this Oscar-winning movie.

So on Thursday, April 29 at 6:30 p.m. we’re going to be discussing Henry V. You can watch the movie, read the play, or both! We have copies of the DVD at the checkout desk if you would rather watch that way instead of streaming. And while the play is also available to read on Hoopla and lots of other places online, we have print copies as well at the desk. To join us, sign up here and we will email you a link to the Zoom meeting.


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