Today is a terribly important holiday, although since it’s only five years old, you can be forgiven for not knowing about it. You see, today is Read an Ebook Day where people are encouraged to celebrate their love for ebooks. I know there are folks out there who prefer print books, and there’s no way libraries are ever going to stop supplying those, but ebooks are awfully cool as well. They’re great for people who can’t always make it into the library, since they can download new books from anywhere. And since the text can be enlarged, every ebook by definition is a large print book. Also, I’ve known folks over the years who have arthritis or other hand problems who find it so much easier to hold a small, light tablet, rather than holding open a hardback.

The important thing is that ebooks offer more options, and options are good. And if you love ebooks, you ought to let the folks at OverDrive know about it. (OverDrive is the company that provides ebooks to the Ohio Digital Library.) Hop on your social media today—Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else—and use the hashtag #EbookLove and you will have the chance to win a Kobo Aura ONE ebook reader, as well as the have the chance to see why other folks love ebooks.

And if you need any help using ebooks from the library, please drop in and see us!


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