I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I certainly did, spending time at home with my husband, doing projects. But now we’re back at it, and as I promised last week when I posted the new adult fiction,  I have returned with new nonfiction. Enjoy and place your holds in the catalog!




Abe: Abraham Lincoln and His Times by David Reynolds

Barnstorming Ohio by David Giffels

Born to Fly by Sara Evans

Creativity by John Cleese

Cursed Objects by JW Ocker

Disloyal by Michael Cohen

Entitled by Kate Manne

Folly and the Glory by Tim Weiner

Frontier Follies by Ree Drummond

Quick and Delicious by Gordon Ramsey

I Am These Truths by Sunny Hostin

Is This Anything by Jerry Seinfeld

Liar’s Circus by Carl Hoffman

Cake Perfection by Martha Stewart

Modern Comfort Food by Ina Garten

New Map by Daniel Yergin

Overstated by Colin Quinn

Proof of Corruption by Seth Abramson

Republic of Wrath by James Morone

She Come by It Natural by Sarah Smarsh

Spymasters by Chris Whipple

Still Right by Rick Tyler

Total Meditation by Deepak Chopra

Trump Century by Lou Dobbs

You Are Never Alone by Max Lucado


Lady in Waiting by Anne Glenconnor

Murder Thy Neighbor by James Patterson

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