As I’ve mentioned a couple of times on this blog, I’m a writer in my spare time. In fact, it’s my primary hobby, as my overgrown flower beds can attest. I like writing and talking about writing, so it probably won’t come as any surprise that this Saturday’s Local Author Fair is something I’m really looking forward to.

So what happens at an author fair, you might be asking? Well, we’re going to have around two dozen local authors here at the library for you to talk to. You can travel around from table to table, author to author, asking about their books, and if you like the sound of those books, you can purchase them and get them signed. It’s a great way to find new reading material, meet new folks, and support local creators. Pretty much a win all-around, I think.

There will also be three speakers you can see if you want to learn more about writing. Young adult author Kit Alloway will be speaking about editing, literary agent Jennifer Wills is going to present on how to turn your idea into an actual book deal, and sci fi and short story specialist Marie Vibbert will have stories about how to make sure your submissions get out of the slushpile. In other words, it’s a chance to hear some real experts talking about how to make your writing better and publishable. (Another win, if you ask me.)

So please stop in Saturday between 11 and 2. We have free tote bags and pens while supplies last. For a full list of authors and more info on the speakers, check that out here or on the Facebook event.


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