With the library building closed, it’s a little harder to just run into folks who want to talk about books. (Because you can always find someone at the library who has something to say about a book.) However, in this fascinating modern age we live in, it’s still possible to run across people who have interesting things to say about books online. We, of course, have discussions happening in our new Goodreads Group, but there are also an endless number of podcasts about books. Here are just a few you might want to give a listen. (Descriptions taken from the podcasts’ websites.)

Book Riot Podcasts
Book Riot is the largest independent editorial book site in North America, and home to a host of media, from podcasts to newsletters to original content, all designed around diverse readers and across all genres.

Book Roit’s podcasts are:
All The Books, Book Riot: The Podcast, For Real, Get Booked, Hey YA, Kidlit These Days, Novel Gazing, Read or Dead, SFF Yeah!, and When In Romance

Book Squad Goals
We used to be a regular old book club…but then we realized how much we love the sound of our own voices.

Emily and Kelli tried to start a book club just for the two of them, but their plans were soon foiled when Mary wanted to join their discussions. Emily mentioned the book club to Susan one day, and of course, Susan wanted in on the action too. So a little squad was formed. We even got a group text message going so it was official. Each month, we’d meet on AIM (so retro!) and talk about (well, you know, type about) a book. We’d LOVE to have our meetings in person, but we live all over the country. So we did the next best thing: we created this podcast. Now you and everyone else can listen to our discussions, and you can even join in by writing to us about anything! So much for that tiny two-person book club, huh?

A Good Read (Books and Authors, BBC4)
In A Good Read Harriett Gilbert discusses favourite books. (Shelia’s addition—This podcast actually has a really interesting set up that the website doesn’t explain very well. Two authors each pick a favorite book. They read each other’s pick [as does the host], and then they discuss the two books.)

Literary Friction
Literary Friction is a conversation about books and ideas, hosted by friends Carrie and Octavia. Each month we interview an author about their book and build the show around a related theme—anything from resistance to coastlines to corpses. Listen in for lively discussion, book recommendations and a little music too.

A safe space for nerding out about all the things you’re watching, reading, listening to and encountering in real life. Host Greta Johnsen talks to people about their obsessions: from science to science fiction, great lady nerds of history to Beyoncé. Because what the world needs now is not another superhero, but for the glasses-clad alter ego to make you a podcast.

Overdue is a podcast about the books you’ve been meaning to read. Join Andrew and Craig each week as they tackle a new title from their backlog. Classic literature, obscure plays, goofy children’s books: they’ll read it all, one overdue book at a time.

Professional Book Nerds
We’re not just book nerds, we’re Professional Book Nerds® (PBN) who work at OverDrive, the industry-leading app for eBooks and audiobooks through your local library and school.

With over 1 million downloads, readers and librarians turn to the PBN team for weekly expert book recommendations, author interviews and all things books.

Our team has a deep knowledge for the literary world and helps thousands of libraries with collection development, making us uniquely positioned to provide suggestions and recommendations for readers around the world. The Professional Book Nerds podcast is available through iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Radio FM and anywhere people download their podcasts.

Reading Glasses
Want to learn how to make the most of your reading life? Join Brea Grant and Mallory O’Meara every week as they discuss tips and tricks for reading better! Listeners will learn how to vanquish their To-Be-Read piles, get pointers on organizing their bookshelves and hear reviews on the newest reading gadgets. Brea and Mallory also offer advice on bookish problems. How do you climb out of a reading slump? How do you support authors while still getting books on the cheap? Where do you hide the bodies of the people who won’t stop talking while you’re trying to read? Mallory and Brea engage in a weekly discussion geared towards all kinds of book lovers—no matter what you read or how you read it.

So Many Damn Books
During the 2014 Tournament of Books, in one of the lighter corners of the internet, Christopher Hermelin and Drew Broussard recognized kindred literary spirits in the like-minded commentary they were both posting about books and reading. When the ToB Tenth Anniversary Party invites went out, they decided that this was the moment: they would be friends IRL. Drew was dressed vaguely as a rooster; Christopher, as a normal person. Neither was too put off by that and their budding friendship proved strong enough to at least go to the after-party.

And then it happened. An idea was born, over cheap beer in a SoHo dive bar. It would be a podcast unlike any other.

Many years and hundreds of books later, So Many Damn Books continues to blend the high and the low, the wicked and the divine, the sober and the not-so-sober, the famous and the infamous. Author guests, special drinks, and more book recs than you can shake a stick at—what more could you need?

What Should I Read Next?
Hi, I’m Anne. Professionally I am a writer and podcaster, but at heart I’m a reader. I love talking to readers about their favorite books, reading struggles, what makes reading so meaningful in their life, and of course what they should read next.

We don’t get bossy on this show: What we WILL do here is give you the information you need to choose your next read. Every week on What Should I Read Next, we talk all things books and reading, and do a little literary matchmaking with one guest.


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