The library offers several streaming services for ebooks, audiobooks, movies, TV, and music, and most of them include content specifically designed for children. Some of them even allow you to search just for the kids’ stuff. But so far, only one of them allows serious parental controls that even the savviest kid can’t get around.


Kanopy is a streaming video service, and it is a particularly great place to find documentaries, independent movies, foreign films, and more. Some of these films are Rated R, which is fine for adults who want that content, but it might not be what some parents want their young children watching. Kanopy, though, allows parents to turn on Parental Controls, so that only kids’ materials can be played. (If you need help accessing Kanopy and setting up an account, stop in and we will help you, or take a peek at my handout here.)

So once you’ve set up your Kanopy account, click on your name in the top right and select My Dashboard.

On the Dashboard screen, choose the Parental Controls button.

Select TURN ON.

Type in a 4–digit PIN and select SAVE PIN.

Either from the bar at the top of the page or the menu under your name, choose GO TO KANOPY KIDS.

Once in Kids mode, anytime you try to EXIT KANOPY KIDS, you will be asked for the PIN.

The one thing to keep in mind is that if you log onto a second device, this process will have to be repeated on that device as well. Happy watching!


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