This year’s #LibraryMadness has been defined by upsets, most notably those Round 1 victories of CSI and Happy Days over top seeds Downton Abbey and Seinfeld. It took until Round 3 and Friends to finally knockout the Fonz. CSI, however, hasn’t even broken a sweat yet, dispatching Parks and Recreation with ease. If any show has had it easier, it has been Jeopardy!, CSI’s next opponent.

The one truly close race in Round 3 was Sesame Street vs. The Golden Girls.

So which epic scowl did voters prefer? It turns out Dorothy’s, as The Golden Girls just squeaked by the Sesame Street folks. But will the ladies be able to take down Mister Rogers? Now that is a question.

All the matchups are listed below. You can vote here in the comments of this blog, or you can tag us on social media. (@NCantonLibrary on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) Your other option is to stop in at the library and get a paper ballot at the Reference Desk. Voting for this round ends at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, March 20.


6 responses to ““I’ll Take Upsets for 200, Alex.””

  1. Leon Stauffer says:

    Mr. Rodgers, Jeopardy!, Wonder Years and House.

  2. Cathy Morgan says:

    Mr. Rogers, Jeopardy!, Wonder Years, House

  3. Erin Joseph says:

    House, The Office, Jeopardy! and Golden Girls

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