Post by: Teresa Kaminski of StarkFresh
Find Teresa teaching How-to Compost at 11:30 and How-to Keep Backyard Chickens at 12:15 p.m. at the How-to Festival.

I am a hippy- dippy urban homesteader who began this journey about 4 years ago when my son (age 12 at the time) was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism.  We live on almost a half and acre of property 3 blocks outside of the city of Canton.  My son was the reason why I started really taking a look at what we were putting in and on our bodies.  We de-toxified our home completely by removing anything that contained harmful chemicals from cleaners to personal care products.  I have an organic garden where I grow our vegetables.  I started canning 2 years ago, which to my surprise, was incredibly easy.  We have 8 spoiled chickens that free range all day in our backyard and produce delicious eggs.  We also have an alpaca and a llama who protect our girls from predators, but the main reason we have both of them is because they are great therapy animals for my son.  We have about 30,000 bees that produce the most incredible tasting honey.  We recycle everything and compost the kitchen scraps that I cannot give to my chickens.  Because of our lifestyle, my family of four only produces 1  13 gallon kitchen trash bag of trash every other month.  I really enjoy living simply and I love sharing what we do.

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