Post by: Vanessa Wentzel of The BowWow Bungalow LLC
Find Vanessa teaching How-to do basic pet first aid at 10:45  a.m. at the How-to Festival.

Hi! I’m Vanessa, owner of The BowWow Bungalow LLC. As a VetTech and Dog Groomer by trade I worked for various kennels, groomers, veterinarians and big box stores for over a decade. Through all of these situations was a general lack of pet safety tugging at my heartstrings leading me to open my home to a better way of pet care. The BowWow Bungalow LLC is a grooming and “free range” dog boarding (dogs are free from the confines of kennels and free to roam just as they would in their own homes) facility in Canton. Free range pet boarding and one-on-one grooming minimizes stress allowing for easier acclimation and a more positive experience for your pets.  With safety in mind The BowWow Bungalow LLC became a PetSaver Training Center.  In April of last year, I became a licensed PetTech instructor. That means I can certify others in Pet CPR and First Aid. The classes I teach include Pet CPR, Pet First Aid, Pet Safety on the Trail, Senior Pet Care, Pet Dental Care & Pet Wellness Care.  PetTech’s training has helped save the lives of thousands of pets in emergency situations while with their guardian or pet care professional and many pet-parents have saved their pet’s life using the skills and techniques they learned through this training.

I’m excited to give you some basic knowledge of pet first aid at the How-to Festival!



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