So next week is Thanksgiving, which means lots of food, a day off, and the beginning of shopping season. And while, I personally, have a pretty lowkey holiday planned, the library has some stuff happening you might want to know about. Let me sketch them out quickly.

As you can see from the picture above, we of course, have books to help you prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. We also have stacks of magazines to help you prepare for the holiday, as well as some great ideas in our databases and online learning services like Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center and Creativebug.

After Thanksgiving, we have a great day planned as always for Black Friday. If you’ve got some fines, we will forgive up to $24.99 and give you a free cup of coffee to boot. Plus we’ll have free crafts, and will just generally be a more fun place to be than the mall or The Strip.

And while you’re in, checkout the needs of our Community Christmas families or donate something to our Mitten Tree. All in all, we will be the place to be.


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