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Welcome to the Front Desk Blog! My name is Caroline, I’ve been an employee with the North Canton Public Library since October 2008. I started out as a page (shelver) on the main floor, then worked a few years shelving upstairs in the children’s department as well. Last year I got promoted to clerk specialist of patron services, assisting with clerk duties as well as being the resident inter-library loan processor! My favorite sections to browse in the library are, graphic novels, DVDs, YA fiction, fiction, non-fiction crafting/art and non-fiction psychology.

The front desk deals with all things circulation and patron services. We assist you with your account questions, checking in/out your library materials, renewals, fines, and much more.

Tune in to find out:

  • Interesting facts of the library/ circulation department
  • Things you might not know about borrowing materials
  • Helpful tips for library usage
  • Fun lists
  • How to understand the Dewey Decimal System/How we file materials
  • Interviews with staff and card holders
  • Easy troubleshooting for the library catalog

… And much more!

Follow me, and you’ll know your way around the North Canton Public Library like a pro, as well as learn a few fun and interesting tidbits about what’s going on around North Canton, and the people in it, along the way!


Until next time…

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