As most of us are currently working and learning from home, sometimes finding things to fill the hours in the day, and the requirements of bosses and teachers, can be tricky. One thing you might want to try with your library card is Lynda.com, found on our Online Classes for Adults page.

Lynda.com has over 15,000 video training courses on everything from software like Microsoft Word and Photoshop, to courses about app development, social media platforms, how to be a project manager, and even popular free software such as Audacity. Each course contains several 1-8 minute videos, totaling 1-4 hours. But you can also learn a subject in depth with Learning Paths, which contain several courses and last anywhere from 4-60 hours.

What’s possibly even better is that when you finish a course, you get a certificate you can share with a boss or teacher, showing that you did the work. A lot of employers and certification boards already accept Lynda.com courses for continuing education hours, so this might be the perfect solution for what to do from home. If you need help using Lynda.com, here’s a handout explaining a lot of the functions. If you run into trouble accessing the database, hit up our Support email: support@northcantlibrary.org.

Explore lynda.com, and check off that square on our community engagement “bingo” card!


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