Saturday, April 22 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Spring market
Meet local farmers, food producers and artisans providing seasonal foods, personal care products and baked items.

ELECTRONICS with Ecycle Solutions of Ohio LLC.
“if it plugs in, they’ll recycle it”
This serve is offered free with the exception of tube TVs and monitors ($20 each), CFL Bulbs ($0.50 each), tube style fluorescent bulbs ($0.25/foot)

COOKING/GARDENING EQUIPMENT: StarkFresh will accept your unwanted gardening equipment/tools and gently used pots, pans, canning jars and dinnerware.

PAPER SHREDDING: Bring up to three boxes of paper per household for shredding. This program is sponsored by the City of North Canton

Green Children’s Activities
Crafts made from upcycled materials and more!

Animal Services Tent
Learn about living peacefully with wildlife, caring for stray/feral cats, spay/neuter services, what to do if you find a lost pet and more.

Learn about the North Canton Public Library Green Team.

Refreshments will be provided by Earth Fare North Canton.

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