It’s beginning to look pretty festive here at the North Canton Public Library. We have several great displays of our holiday stuff, which includes everything from magazines on crafts to holiday themed novels to CDs packed with festive music and your favorite holiday movies, just for starters. This means you can hum along to the Nutcracker while reading a Thomas Kinkade Christmas novel before popping in A Christmas Story. Or knit a scarf while listening to A Christmas Carol on audiobook. Truly, the combinations are pretty endless. Especially when you think about all the cookies you can be baking based on great recipes in our cookbooks while you do all those other things. And if you’re looking to lend a hand to others, we’re taking donations of new gloves, scarves, and hats in all sizes, dog and cat food, coats, and more. Check out a complete list of donation opportunities and dates on our Holidays at NCPL page.

Hope your holidays are going great!

Psst. Most of our Holiday items are at the end of the DVDs.

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