Consumer Reports has long been a popular way for folks to research consumer goods from can openers to cars before they make a purchase. We carry the magazine, and even have several years of back issues at the Reference Desk that anyone can use here at the library. But what if it’s a Sunday morning and your coffee maker is broken and you need to buy the very best coffee maker on the market because this just cannot happen again?

Then you can use Consumer Reports online using your library card!

It’s pretty easy to log in and check out the Ratings. You start at our website on the Databases page. Then you pick ConsumerReports.org from the alphabetical list. You’ll need your library card number to finish logging in, and then you’re ready to go.

If it turns out you need a little help signing in or navigating the website, I made a handout that might be helpful. You can see that here or stop in and we’ll give you a hard copy.


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