So, it’s just about that time, isn’t it? It’s still warm, and there are still a million things you meant to accomplish this summer, and yet, school is about to start again. Rather than fight the inevitable, take a deep breath and think of all the ways the library can help you through the school year.

Yep. This one is kind of obvious, but we don’t just have books, we have the books you need for your school assignments. We’ve got great nonfiction books for your history paper and others on how to structure an essay. We also have novels for your book report. If you can’t make it in, we have lots of ebooks available from the Ohio Digital Library and Hoopla. And for those of you who get assignments that require books of a certain Lexile range, let me tell you about our secret weapon: Lexile.com. You can poke around this website looking for the perfect book or ask us to help, whichever works best for you.

Sometimes you need some journal or magazine articles or general reference information for class, and we’ve got you covered there, too. Start at our Databases page and find the database that’s right for your assignment, whether that be Ebsco MasterFILE (which is great for high school and college papers that require more in-depth research), or a quick overview from one of our new Oxford databases (Oxford Research Encyclopedias and Very Short Introductions), or Science Online when science fair rolls around. Plus, we have an entire page dedicated to young learners (Pre K-5) you can check out as well.

Or you might just need a place to crash after school and do some homework. We’re happy to provide that as well, and there are activities, too. Every Thursday afternoon there’s something happening for teens, plus other programs scattered throughout the calendar. And there are great opportunities for younger kids to learn and have fun throughout the fall as well. In fact, it would be kind of impossible to list them all. You should check out our calendar.

So don’t be too disappointed the summer is coming to a close and school is about to begin again. There’s still lots happening here.


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