Are you tired of getting fines or missing due dates for your items? Never fear! We’ve updated our systems to make using the North Canton Public Library even more stress free!

The automatic renewal system is in place so that upon an item’s due date, the system will attempt to automatically renew the item. The “attempt” part is tricky, because if someone else has put that item on hold (most likely a new DVD release or game), then the renewal will not take place. Instead, that original due date will become final. This has been implemented to reduce fines on your card when you need that extra time to return our items, and hopefully reduce your stress as well!

Another way you can avert missing due dates is making sure you receive notices for due dates or late fees. Our email and text message reminders are there for you, letting you know days in advance when your items will soon be due! When you ask for these contact options, you can also update your contact information (address and phone number) to be sure it is current.

And don’t forget: video games, holiday items, items with fines, and held items do not renew.

In taking these steps, you can ensure that you will receive all of the notices and phone calls you need in order to make sure you’re updated by us, and aware of what is due. Just visit us at the front desk with your card or ID and we’ll update everything you need in order to make sure you get notified properly and promptly.

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