Watercolor Landscapes – Supply List

If you have painted previously bring your usual supplies.
If you are a beginner, you will need the following supplies:
Tubes of student grade watercolors in VanDyke Brown, Cerulean Blue, Raw Sienna, Cad Red, olive green, Ultra Marine Blue
Brushes: synthetic or sable no. 6 round, no. 8 round, no. 6 rigger, 1″ flat
Other supplies:
Plastic palette for mixing. 2 sheets of 30 x 22
140 lb watercolor paper. We cut one sheet into 4 equal pieces. (11 x 15).
Masking fluid
16 x 20 piece of plexiglass or masonite or stiff cardboard.
3/4 ” drafting tape.
HB or 2B pencil & eraser, container for water.

Intrigued by Watercolor – Supply List

If you have supplies, bring what you have.  We’ll discuss our “tools” first day.  If you are a beginner, Nancy encourages you to get your brush wet as cheaply as possible; if you catch the bug, you can easily upgrade to better supplies.
List and prices below are quoted from Pat Catan’s.
Paint: Reeves 12 color tubes ($5)
Paper: Studio 71/140# watercolor paper ($4.37)
Brushes: Studio 71/pack of brushes “watercolor” ($8.97)
Palette: Studio71/10 well palette ($0.77)
Extras: Masking tape, spray bottle, water container, pencil (to draw with), kneaded eraser, notebook for recording wisdom, hair dryer.