Acorn TV

Acorn TV is the Library’s latest streaming video service, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves British TV. To use the service, you have to set up an account with RBdigital, the company that provides Acorn, as well as Acorn TV itself. Technically, what you get when you sign up is a 7-day pass to watch as much as you want. But when the 7 days are up, just log into your RBdigital account and start watching more. To set up an account, head on over to this link. And have your library card number handy.

Now, even though there are apps for Android and Apple devices, and you can stream Acorn on your TV with Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV and Fire Stick, and Roku, you must set up your accounts using a computer. The plus side of this is you can feel free to come into the library and use one of our computers to set up your account. (Which we are more than happy to help you do.) After that, you’re just going to sign in with your account information on the app, computer, or other service of your choice.

So, what’s so great about Acorn TV? If you’re into British TV, a lot. You know those great miniseries based on the novels you love and mystery series and hilarious British comedies? There’s a good chance you can find them on Acorn TV. And Then There Were None with the hot guy from Poldark? Check. All 7 seasons of Vera? Check. Classics like I, Claudius? Check.

And that’s before we even start talking movies and what’s available in foreign languages. (There’s some cool stuff. Trust me. Actually, you don’t have to trust me. Before even before you set up your account, you can browse the selection here.)

If you need some help setting things up and getting started, here’s my handout.  Also, stop in at the library if you need some help or have questions. We’re happy to to chat about Acorn.


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