Since I started blogging for NCPL, I’ve tried to post a little something every Tuesday. I missed last week, because I was home with a pretty miserable summer cold that still insists on lingering. I spent a fair amount of time while I’ve been sick online looking up symptoms and drug interactions and that sort of fun thing, and I realized my suffering could be to your benefit. Here are a few of my go-to websites for medical information that I use personally and here at the library answering questions for all of you.

Mayo Clinic
This is my very favorite site, especially for information on specific illnesses. The site is easy to navigate, and the information is written for regular folks.

There are lots of great government websites with medical information, but I particularly like this one for the Drugs and Supplements section, which helps you find what you need to know about your medicine, whether you know the fancy name, like Dextromethorphan, or if you just know your husband picked you up Robitussin.

National Institutes of Health
If you like what you found at those first two sites, but you want to dig even deeper, the NIH is a reliable source of additional fact sheets, articles, and studies that will keep you busy until even the worst cold starts to fade.


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