Can you recall a time one of our employees here at the North Canton Public Library went above and beyond, or just showed a considerable amount of kindness to you?

If so, there’s a way you can thank them!

On the wall to the left of our elevator on the main floor is a box with slips of paper to fill out to give ‘applause’ to an employee of your choice! All you have to do is write the name of the employee,  the date, and then explain what they did to deserve the ‘applause’ from you. You may write your name if you’d like at the bottom, but if you prefer to remain anonymous, you may leave that blank.(If you want to make it anonymous and don’t know the name of who helped you, feel free to ask one of us by describing the person and I’m sure we will know who you’re talking about).

Once you’re all done filling it out, fold it up, and just slip it in the top of the front locked box with the Thumbs Up picture on it. The box is checked at the beginning of every week!


By nominating an employee for Applause, this earns them a $5 gift card to a local store/restaurant (courtesy of the Friends of the Library), and enters them in a monthly drawing to get a designated parking space closer to the building.


As always, we’re happy to help you any way that we can!


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