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Imagine you are leisurely resting in your home on a lazy Saturday morning. You have nothing in particular to do and can just enjoy a nice, relaxing day of R&R. You are just getting settled in to catch up on some episodes of your favorite TV show when suddenly, 2 assailants burst into your home and rush you with the desire to harm you or your loved ones. What would you do?

The truth is, few people know what to do in situations like that and they must trust luck and whatever their gut-reaction is. Your gut-reaction may or may not be helpful and if you have never put it to the test, then the only time you will find out if it is appropriate is in a real situation where the consequences could be deadly. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have the appropriate physical and mental tools to survive this encounter?

My name is Alex Lanshe and I have been instructing and training people just like you in effective and practical science-based methods of protecting yourself and loved ones for over a decade. I am the founder of www.WarriorSpeaker.com and the author of the Amazon published book, Warrior Attitude: 21 Ways to Think and Act like a Warrior That Will Transform Your Outlook on Life, and I am here to provide you with the appropriate actions to take if you are ever faced with this situation.

Nothing brings me more joy than when I hear from clients like Rachel, who after having completed our training said that she has never felt more confident or physically able to protect herself and her family.

When you attend my presentation, I guarantee you will leave feeling just like Rachel because I am not going to teach you anything you don’t already know or cannot already do. Using biomechanics, physics, and highly-sophisticated warrior programming, you will walk away with nothing to remember, but all the effective tools you need to stay safe.

This training should not be confused with amateur “self-defense” seminars. It is highly specialized, top-level professional training that is very hard to find and get access to. Unlike amateurs, I am internationally licensed (like a medical license) to present this information and train you in this material. Nothing taught is based on my opinion but is grounded in battle-tested and scientifically measured real-life encounters and data.

If you are committed to protecting yourself and your family, I will see you at my presentation.


Alex Lanshe

Licensed Instructor of Martial Science




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