Over 700 movies received nominations, but only 64 films could make it into the 2nd Annual #LibraryMadness tournament, which starts Sunday, March 1 at Noon. As a reminder, there are four Divisions: Oz, Casablanca, Gotham, and Hollywood. Each round you have 5 days to vote for each matchup before the winners advance to the next round and the losers head back to the shelves.


  • Everyone may vote for all the matchups in every round one time.
  • Voting can be done in person or online. At the library, voting sheets will be available at the Reference Desk. To vote online, tag the library and use the hashtag #LibraryMadness on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. (@NCantonLibrary)
  • Voting always begins at Noon and ends at 11:59 pm/Midnight of on the date given.

Round 1 (64): March 1-5

Round 2 (32): March 6-10

Round 3 (16): March 11-15

Round 4 (8): March 16-20

Round 5 (4): March 21-25

Round 6 (Championship): March 26-30

Winner announced March 31.

At the end of it all, one lucky participant will win a movie-themed gift basket!

Sound like fun? I think so! Below is the starting bracket, posted by Division to make it a little easier to see. Vote for one movie in each matchup and check this space on Friday, March 6 to see which movies advanced to the next round of 32 movies and vote again!


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